Be more responsive.
Reduce service costs.
Drive repeat purchases.

Solve your post-purchase and customer experience frustrations from pre-checkout to delivery to returns.

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The best way to protect your new customer marketing investments

Stop limiting your ability to move beyond a transactional, reactive post-purchase communications and take control of the most critical, time-sensitive part of your customer experience. Create delivery and returns journeys with new hyper-personalized, in the moment touchpoints. Address even the most fringe cases, for unique opportunities to stand out on the digital shelf. It’s the only way to protect your customer acquisition efforts by safeguarding your reputation, reducing returns, and winning more repeat business.


An end-to-end post-purchase experience

From setting delivery expectations pre-checkout to shipping notifications to returns management and analytics – get all the elements you need for a total post-purchase experience. Our platform can deeply integrate with your existing tech stack and channels. You won’t be forced into using our customer-facing touchpoints. You own the user interface which means you own the customer experience.

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Get the most value out of every customer interaction

Move away from a templated, mass-produced approach to customer experience. With next-level customization and intelligent personalization options you can do so much more like:

  • Handle complex communication for split shipments
  • Enable chatbots to give order and returns status updates
  • Share personalized recommendations
  • Offer product tips in delivery communications
  • Create a differentiated returns experience for VIPs
  • Ask for reviews and feedback at the right time

To get the most out of every interaction we’ll look across your customer journey, find the gaps in your post-purchase experience and deliver bold solutions to address your and your customers’ specific frustrations. With a hyper customer focused approach that’s unique to your brand we’ll turn transactional moments into revenue generating opportunities.


A post-purchase strategy partner, not just a platform.

Finding talent and time to focus on customer experience post-purchase is tough. To start seeing results fast you need best-in-class solutions implemented in weeks, not months. Extend your team with access to our:

five people collaborating in a room for a project

Ecommerce operations and engineering experts who align with your goals, prioritizing quick wins that build to a visionary end-goal.

four people working on a project in the office lobby

Implementation masterminds adept at getting projects done and a turnkey ready-to-go platform that’s easy to manage with no-code solutions.

Carrier and data specialists who normalize and maintain data quality to ensure consistency across your logistics landscape.

Colette Hilton

This partnership with parcelLab allows us to further refine our already industry leading digital offering and provide our customers with the most innovative online shopping experience.

Colette Hilton Head of Retail & Ecommerce UK & Ireland
Colette Hilton
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Explore Post-Purchase Solutions


Returns & Warranty Management Platform

Perfect your returns and warranty experience. Reduce returns, recover revenue, accelerate time to next purchase, and lower your carbon footprint.


Post-purchase communications

Enrich your customer experience. Deliver proactive, engaging post-purchase communications from order to delivery to returns across preferred channels - email, SMS, chat, and app push.


Order Status Page

Enhance your post-purchase shipment tracking and delivery experience. Build community, convert customer excitement into revenue, and slash inbound customer inquiries.


Delivery Date Promise

Get more carts filles and reduce shopping cart abandonment with accurate order delivery estimates. Display package delivery date promises on product pages and at checkout.


Logistics Reporting

Get more insights into your order to delivery and reverse logistics performance against your customer promise. Pinpoint your post-purchase experience gaps and take corrective action.


Customer Service Hub

Help your agents deliver better customer service with a central hub for all order details, shipping status updates and communications.

Featured Capabilities

World-wide Carrier Coverage with carrier connected wit parcelLab

World-wide Carrier Coverage

We’ve got connections with the world’s leading carriers, two-person handling companies and freight forwarders and we’re adding new carriers every day.

Payments, ERP, CMS, marketing and content platforms, and customer services systems connected with parcelLab

Fits With Your Tech Stack

Zendesk, Twilio, Adobe, SAP, Shopify, Trustpilot, Emarsys and Metapack are just a few of the warehouse, payments, ERP, CMS, marketing and content platforms, and customer services systems parcelLab connects with.